Let Them Eat Cake (And Sugar)

So the big news around the U.S. this week is Hostess brand baked goods (creator of the products Twinkies, Zinger, Ho-Ho’s and Cake Donettes) are about to become extinct due to a “crippling worker union strike” that is closing the company and people are paying $100 on eBay for a package of Twinkies. In Rochester, NY the local Hostess/Wonder Bread outlet store sold out of all it’s inventory and closed it’s doors for good this evening. WOW! People are so damn addicted to processed foods, sweets and cake products that they’d rather savor the deathly treats than take this opportunity to make a life saving change and start a better diet for themselves. No wonder we have an epidemic of diabetes and cancer in this country. I stopped into my local Wegmans (northeastern based supermarket chain) to buy some organic chocolate and had to pass down the bakery section on my way to the natural food shop. It got me thinking about Hostess brand products. I couldn’t believe my eyes how many breads, cakes, bagels and pastries are for sale. I guess it had never sunk into me before. I went gluten free 8 months ago and I rarely go in that section of the store anymore. I am so amazed at what an industry of sweets, pastries, confections and wheat products has grown in this country. Just look at your local and national coffee places like Starbucks, Tim Horton’s and Panera Bread. They are loaded with sugary and gluten filled products. I hope to have the section of the website up in the next few weeks teaching you the misinformation we have been taught on wheat, barley, rye, oats and whole grains and what effects they have on digestion and your body. For now you can check out a video by Dr. Peter Glidden called “Against The Grain” to give you some more information.

Until then… Stay healthy my friend!


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3 Steps Back – Sad Day

Tuesday’s elections in California had a bill, Prop 37, that would require all foods and drinks to be labeled if they had unnatural “Genetically Modified Organism” (GMO) in them. Unfortunately big corporate interests, such as Monsanto, Pepsi and Coke and many more spent $45 million along with fake FDA flyers on pushing THEIR agenda telling people to vote NO on it and the zombie sheep bought it and shot down the bill. This has made me very depressed that we are not allowed to know what the Hell is in the substances we eat. Especially those of us that do not want to ingest pesticides and damaging chemicals in the form of GMOs. GMOs are proven to cause cancer, brain damage, nervous system failure, damage to DNA and destroy you immune system. The only bright side to this bill is a lot more people now know what GMOs are and what they do. I can only pray this pushes more people to make better food choices and teach others of the harms.

I digress!

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Making Progress

Last night the Family Guy cartoon hit the nail on the head! The rich old pharmaceutical company owner had the cure for cancer and cured himself but locked it away so no one could have it so he could make billions of “treating” cancer patients rather than curing them and not making profits. This is similar to what the “Pink Ribbon” and Komen for the Cure is doing, profiting off the diseases that is curable simply by eating right and taking selenium daily. Ironically the food companies that are willing to “donate to the cause” when you buy their brands are the very products that cause cancer! Stop looking for a cure and just go right to the cause… Our modern diet!

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Tired of Holding Back!

Tonight all I wanted to do is sit and enjoy TV and relax. Instead all the basic network channels are airing a special to “Stand Up to Cancer” event. I cannot believe how sick the mass media can be to treat cancer survivors and their families with this shameless advertising to put more money into their own greedy pockets. This is immoral and disgusting how media, the government and the medical industries keep us like sheep, stringing us along, telling us cancer is not curable and it’s out destiny  and it’s just genetic so they can keep bleeding money out of us and our health insurance. Please understand this: CANER IS NOT GENETIC, CANER IS PREVENTABLE, CANCER IS CURABLE AND CANCER IS REVERSIBLE! It’s all about misinformation by them and our nutritional deficiencies. The same food that are “Supporting the Cure For Cancer” are the foods that give you cancer. Learn how to get the proper nutrients and proper foods to eat. Stop eating the damn McDonalds and Subway and gas station crap. Stay out of the middle of the supermarkets and eating the process, chemical and GMO foods!

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My Personal Mission Statement

Here’s my personal mission with Pathways To Wellness:

I am here to teach people the things that Medical Doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know because it would put them out of business!

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Pathways To Wellness blog. My name is Carl Fuehrer and I am the owner and creator of the site and Wellness Advocate. I plan on using this blog site as an extension of my website to rant and rave about health, medical and social issues I feel passionately about. I am not sure yet how often I will be blogging here since this is totally new to me.

For my first post I’d like to say, if your medical provider ever tells you your disease or illness is genetic, they are full of crap! Make them tell you which gene it is then. It’s a Medical Doctor’s way of being able to sleep at night and not have to put any effort into helping make you better. Ironically your Medical Doctor is not required by law to cure you of any disease or ailment even if a cure is known and/or available. Also doctors are not required by law to prevent you from getting any disease even if a prevention is known and/or available.

I’ll leave you with that nugget of info to chew on. Till later…


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