Tired of Holding Back!

Tonight all I wanted to do is sit and enjoy TV and relax. Instead all the basic network channels are airing a special to “Stand Up to Cancer” event. I cannot believe how sick the mass media can be to treat cancer survivors and their families with this shameless advertising to put more money into their own greedy pockets. This is immoral and disgusting how media, the government and the medical industries keep us like sheep, stringing us along, telling us cancer is not curable and it’s out destiny  and it’s just genetic so they can keep bleeding money out of us and our health insurance. Please understand this: CANER IS NOT GENETIC, CANER IS PREVENTABLE, CANCER IS CURABLE AND CANCER IS REVERSIBLE! It’s all about misinformation by them and our nutritional deficiencies. The same food that are “Supporting the Cure For Cancer” are the foods that give you cancer. Learn how to get the proper nutrients and proper foods to eat. Stop eating the damn McDonalds and Subway and gas station crap. Stay out of the middle of the supermarkets and eating the process, chemical and GMO foods!


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