3 Steps Back – Sad Day

Tuesday’s elections in California had a bill, Prop 37, that would require all foods and drinks to be labeled if they had unnatural “Genetically Modified Organism” (GMO) in them. Unfortunately big corporate interests, such as Monsanto, Pepsi and Coke and many more spent $45 million along with fake FDA flyers on pushing THEIR agenda telling people to vote NO on it and the zombie sheep bought it and shot down the bill. This has made me very depressed that we are not allowed to know what the Hell is in the substances we eat. Especially those of us that do not want to ingest pesticides and damaging chemicals in the form of GMOs. GMOs are proven to cause cancer, brain damage, nervous system failure, damage to DNA and destroy you immune system. The only bright side to this bill is a lot more people now know what GMOs are and what they do. I can only pray this pushes more people to make better food choices and teach others of the harms.

I digress!


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