Let Them Eat Cake (And Sugar)

So the big news around the U.S. this week is Hostess brand baked goods (creator of the products Twinkies, Zinger, Ho-Ho’s and Cake Donettes) are about to become extinct due to a “crippling worker union strike” that is closing the company and people are paying $100 on eBay for a package of Twinkies. In Rochester, NY the local Hostess/Wonder Bread outlet store sold out of all it’s inventory and closed it’s doors for good this evening. WOW! People are so damn addicted to processed foods, sweets and cake products that they’d rather savor the deathly treats than take this opportunity to make a life saving change and start a better diet for themselves. No wonder we have an epidemic of diabetes and cancer in this country. I stopped into my local Wegmans (northeastern based supermarket chain) to buy some organic chocolate and had to pass down the bakery section on my way to the natural food shop. It got me thinking about Hostess brand products. I couldn’t believe my eyes how many breads, cakes, bagels and pastries are for sale. I guess it had never sunk into me before. I went gluten free 8 months ago and I rarely go in that section of the store anymore. I am so amazed at what an industry of sweets, pastries, confections and wheat products has grown in this country. Just look at your local and national coffee places like Starbucks, Tim Horton’s and Panera Bread. They are loaded with sugary and gluten filled products. I hope to have the section of the website up in the next few weeks teaching you the misinformation we have been taught on wheat, barley, rye, oats and whole grains and what effects they have on digestion and your body. For now you can check out a video by Dr. Peter Glidden called “Against The Grain” to give you some more information.

Until then… Stay healthy my friend!



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