About Us

We were founded in May 2012 to fill the void of misinformation. We are a Not-For-Profit organization that is funded by our patrons donations, purchase of products through our affiliate web stores and our regional workshops. We believe that health and wellness is extremely easy once you understand the right tools. Whether you are trying to loose weight, ward off getting diseases, battling diabetes or cancer we believe we can help you achieve your goals quickly and easily by following our information. You will see that the site is full of technical information on your body. We believe you should be fully educated on how your body work so you can make the best choices for health. We are hard core believers that NO ONE should be on prescription medication and pharmaceutics. 99% of all diseases and ailments are caused by dietary choices and nutritional deficiencies we have and the modern medical system pushes on us through Medical doctors, hospitals, media, political lobbyists, pharmaceutical companies and agriculture/dairy industries. We believe in “Self-Care Reform” that YOU are ultimately responsible for YOUR health, not your doctor! Diseases and ailments are not genetic, that’s a statement your doctor uses to sleep better at night so they don’t have to work hard or learn more on curing you. As long as they can “manage” your diseases and ailments, they can continue using you and your health insurance as an ATM machine.


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